Know What Home Appliance Repair Tips You Can Use To Keep Everything Working Right

Much of home appliance service can also be addressed in terms of maintenance. It is amazing what many people don’t realize about maintaining home appliances. There is a set it and forget it type mentality. With the right maintenance, your appliances will last longer and break down less often. Of course, breakdowns do still occur, and you want to be sure that you know what to do.

You can call an appliance repair Las Vegas technician, and that certainly can be better at times than buying a new appliance. However, if you are looking at maintenance tips all along and willing to get your hands a little dirty, maybe you are willing to do a little repair work, too. All you have to do is know how to troubleshoot certain appliance problems and some top repair tips that you can use.

Do you have window units in your home? If so, then you need to take time during the early spring to clean them. You would be surprised how many people never pull out the filters much less clean the actual units. You do need to know what you are doing of course when it comes to the cleaning. You would get a blank stare from many people when asked about cleaning refrigerator coils, too.

Sometimes when appliances appear to break down, they just need to be cleaned or other simple maintenance steps need to be taken. People jump the gun or assume the worst when it really would be better to completely evaluate the situation first. What if you are able to make some simple repairs if you know what steps to take?

Garbage disposals can be cleaned, fridge gaskets can be cleaned and so much more. If you are going to have large appliances, it is a good idea to know as much as you can about them. You will have fun being a more proactive homeowner when it comes to your appliances.

Appliance Repair Tip: How To Get The Best Results From Your Washer


open washerNot having to wash your clothing by hand is a blessing, but this does not mean that washing machines always give you the best results.  There are times when you put clothing through the washer only to find them coming out in the same condition as they went in. They may need same day appliance repair to get fixed if they are not working properly. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that you are getting the best results from your washer.

Keep Your Washer Clean

A lot of people forget that they need to keep their washer clean because cleaning is the washer’s job.  However, you do need to clean the lint filter in your washer regularly.  This will prevent odors in the machine and will promote better water flow within the machine.

It is also important to note that front loader washers are more prone to odors.  This is due to the fact that they have mildew and detergent buildups.  To overcome this, you can use some of the commercial cleaners on the market, but some manufacturers recommend running a regular cycle each month with a cup of chlorine bleach.  Before you do this, you should check the owner’s manual for recommendations.

clothes hanging dry

Remove Objects From Clothing

Another way to improve the results you get from your washer is to remove any objects from the clothing before you wash them.  Sharp objects like nails can cause holes in your clothing during the wash cycle.  They will also cause scratches on the drum of the machine or jam the equipment.  Then this happens, the drum will not be able to turn correctly and the clothing will not be washer correctly.

You should also ensure that the washer is balanced.  If your washer is not level, it will start to walk around.  This will not only cause more noise when you use the machine, it will also cause damage to the parts of the machine.  When these parts are worn, the machine will not be able to wash your clothing correctly.

Do Not Use Too Much Detergent

A lot of people think that extra detergent will increase the results.  However, this is not actually the case and the additional detergent may be causing more problems.  The extra detergent will generally leave your clothes looking faded and dull.  You will also be left with residue on the clothing as the washer will not have enough time to rinse all of the suds. Do not use too much detergent thinking it can remove the stains from your clothes. Make sure that the ones that need more detergent are separate from the ones that does not need any.

Best Tips on Repairing a Washer

All D.I.Y enthusiasts understand the importance of a job well done. Doing your own repairs is an economical option you should consider before seeking a professional Appliance Repair West Palm Beach service. Repairing your own washer isn’t only cost-effective but also time efficient. All you need is adequate troubleshooting skills, some basic guidelines/manual and a couple of tools such as pliers and screwdrivers.

An important step in every repair procedure is to figure out where the problem is. If for example; the washer isn’t running and there is no sound coming from it, there are several things to factor in. First, you’ll need to check if the washer is plugged into a power source. You’ll also check the breakers to see if the circuit has overloaded. If these two are not the cause of the problem and the water is turned on; confirm if the water hose is connected. If the motor isn’t running, you might need to replace it.

A washer making a lot of noise is a common problem. Here, the motor is getting sufficient power, however, it’s not in a good working condition. Check if the water is filling up to the required level, if not; make sure the water supply is turned on completely. You should also consider checking the pressure to make sure it’s within the required range. If this doesn’t work, check the drain hose & make sure it’s seated properly at the top of the inside tub. Be sure also to check the water hose drainage and its position. It should be 38 inches or in level with the top of the washer. It should also be well-sealed to avoid leakage. The gap around the hose shouldn’t be clogged or the water will siphon out instead of going in.

If the problem is the water or cycles, the timer could be damaged. To resolve this, it’s necessary to go for an immediate replacement. The brand and model number should come across clearly before buying a new timer to avoid compatibility issues. Making sure that the washer is unplugged; remove the knobs & the control panel. Locate the wire connecting the timer to the washer then gently disconnect each wire from the old timer and replace with the new one.

You need to troubleshoot the washer again to check if everything is up and running. If the water level is the problem, replace the inlet valve. Here, you need to find the hose at the back of the washer once the back panel has been removed. Disconnect the hoses from the washer & from where they connect to the outside of the washer. Locate the wires on the terminal then disconnect. Remove all the screws holding the valves in place. Check the coil wire to see if it’s loose by gently tapping it. If this doesn’t work, replace it with a new timer in the opposite procedure to that used to remove the old one.

If the washer doesn’t agitate, it’s an easy job to replace or repair it. Make sure it isn’t cracked or your clothes can get caught up in it. If the agitator has jagged pieces, you can sand then smooth and reuse it. If this won’t solve the problem, unscrew the cap, pull the old agitator, slide in the new one and then secure with a new cap.

All these steps will hopefully help you repair the washer with ease. In case they don’t work, you should contact an appliance repair company or visit their website and book an appointment for a timely and pocket-friendly repair services.

Washing Machine Choices

One of the most expensive residential appliances you may have to purchase is a washing machine. If you plan to upgrade your household appliance, buying a cheap machine can reduce your investment considerably. While a cheap machine can reduce your initial investment, it can prove to be expensive in the long run. Most people, who buy a cheap machine, have to spend a fortune on washing machine repair and service. Also, the quality of wash may not be good when you buy an inexpensive machine.

Energy Star Rating

Since washers are available in different sizes and style, it is difficult to compare them. Before you start comparing the models, make sure you determine your needs. If you are concerned about high energy bills, you should buy a model with high-energy star rating. You should buy a model that has an energy star rating of at least 4.5. This will reduce energy consumption which will help in reducing electric bills. If you wash multiple loads of clothes several times in a day, buying an energy efficient model can reduce your energy bills drastically.

Tub Size

Another factor you should consider when buying a washer is the amount of clothes you wash in a day. If you plan to wash large amount of clothes, you should get a machine with a large tub. There are several home appliances that are inexpensive but have a large tub. However, make sure you check the energy rating of these machines before making a purchase.

Top Load or Front Load

The front loading machine rotates the clothes through water to remove dirt from the clothes. The top loading machines work in a similar fashion. Both these machines rotate and spin the clothes through water and detergent to remove soil. These machines may also include sprayers to spread water evenly through the clothes when the tub rotates. Front loading machine is the preferred choice of most homeowners because it washes the clothes gently which reduces damage to your clothes. Also, it saves water which is a huge advantage for people living in areas where there is limited water supply. For instance, if you plan to buy a top loading model that consumes about 40 gallons in one wash, a comparable front loading model will consume only 20 to 25 gallons per wash.

Repair and Service Charges

During the warranty period, the company will send a washer technician to your home to appliance repair Houston or service the machine. If your washer is under warranty, you don’t have to pay for the visit charges and parts replaced. The problem starts when the warranty period expires. Almost all companies will charge you for technician visit and parts replacement, once the warranty expires. Before buying a washer, make sure you check the charges you have to pay for parts and labor. If the replacement parts are expensive, it is best to go for models where parts are not expensive. If the company-authorized technician is expensive, you could use the services of a reputed appliance repair technician. Today, there are many companies that offer refrigerator repair, microwave repair, dishwasher repair, oven repair, and of course, washer repairs right at your doorstep. All you have to do is give them a call and the fridge repairman, washer technician, and dryer service technician will visit your home to troubleshoot the problem.



Las Vegas Wash Construction News Update!

Haul Routes and Closures:

View the current haul route exhibit. There are no anticipated changes to these haul routes at this time.


Excavation continues with approximately 60,000 cubic yards of earthwork removed to date.  That is roughly 160 truckloads per day!


See photos during construction:

Concrete Culvert
Concrete Culvert
Low Flow Channel
Sahara Bridge

Haul Routes and Closures Las Vegas Wash Construction

Contractor has started to take material to the City of Las Vegas Disposal Site in addition to the Hollywood Site. There are no anticipated changes to these haul routes at this time.

Utility Work in Vegas Valley Drive:

The City of Las Vegas has a concurrent project, not related to the Las Vegas Wash Project, under construction within Vegas Valley Drive.


Click below to see photo’s during construction:

Concrete Culvert Low Flow Channel – Las Vegas Wash and Flamingo Wash: Culvert Installation Locations
Concrete Culvert Low Flow Channel – Las Vegas Wash and Flamingo Wash: Culvert Installation
Concrete Culvert Low Flow Channel – Las Vegas Wash and Flamingo Wash: Culvert Installation
Concrete Culvert Low Flow Channel – Las Vegas Wash and Flamingo Wash: Culvert Installation

What’s New!

KemperSports Awarded Golf Course Management


Construction Photos and Information

Visit our Construction page and our Golf Course page to see the latest updates.

Flood Zone Area Mapping Process

For information regarding the Flood Zone Area Mapping process visit our Flood Zone page.

Flood Insurance Rate Map Revision

The Clark County Department of Public Works has made application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to revise the Flood Insurance Rate Maps for the Las Vegas Wash and the Flamingo Wash, near the Desert Rose Golf Course. The Las Vegas Wash will be revised from Nellis Boulevard to Vegas Valley Drive. The Flamingo Wash will be revised from Nellis Boulevard to confluence with the Las Vegas Wash. Clark County has completed work on the Desert Rose Golf Course and Sahara Avenue Bridge resulting in the improved flood channels and reduction of the extent of the floodway and floodplain.