Las Vegas Wash from Sloan Channel to Bonanza Road and Flamingo Wash below Nellis Boulevard Improvements

Project Description:

This project will provide 4 miles of flood control improvements to the Las Vegas and Flamingo Washes through existing residential neighborhoods and commercial developments. Changes to FEMA’s high risk flood zone area mapping in 2011, which affected 1,700 homes and businesses; combined with record rains in 2012, demonstrated a clear need for improvements to the Washes. The storms of 2012 impacted many residents in the area of the two washes and the Desert Rose Golf Course. Clark County Regional Flood Control District passed Resolution No. 12-5 in June 2012 to reserve $35 million for the Las Vegas Wash improvements and increased the reserve to $50 million in May 2013 for the needed flood improvements to the Flamingo Wash.

The planned improvements include a concrete channel lining from just south of Bonanza Road to Nellis Boulevard and from just west of Sloan Lane to the Sloan Channel Confluence on the Las Vegas Wash; bridge and roadway reconstruction on Sahara Avenue; sanitary sewer relocation along the Flamingo Wash; and redevelopment of the Desert Rose Golf Course along the Las Vegas and Flamingo Washes. The Stewart Avenue, Charleston Boulevard, and Nellis Boulevard bridge structures will be protected in place with the channel lining placed under the structures. The golf course will be reshaped and regraded to contain the 100-year storm event. The improvements will accommodate the existing and future trail improvements through the corridor.

Neighboring Improvements:

Additional storm drain pipes and inlets will be placed along the project to collect flow from adjacent neighborhoods. A critical point along the golf course that flooded during the storms of 2012 was at Christy Lane and Ballinger Drive. This low area is currently drained by two 24-inch pipes. The project proposes to replace these pipes with a 72-inch pipe that will be placed about eight feet lower to collect the stormwater. Upgraded collection systems will also be constructed at Walton Heath Avenue and Moortown Street, Winterwood Boulevard and Club House Drive, and Abarth Street and Alfa Circle.

Project Schedule: In order to facilitate a quicker construction timeline, Clark County Public Works has already selected a Contractor for the project. The Engineers will be working with the Contractor to speed up the design and pre-construction process. Construction of the project is expected to begin during the second quarter of 2014 with duration of about 18 months. Upon completion of the project, an application will be sent to FEMA to request a change to the high risk flood zone area mapping to the concrete lined channel and golf course limits, removing the 1,700 homes and businesses.

Watch video footage of the 2012 flooding here.

Watch video footage for more information on the planned response to the flood.

A public information meeting was held to discuss the project on January 30, 2013, and many residents asked that the Flamingo Wash also be a part of the project. The RFCD has added it to the scope of the flood project, changing the cost from $35 million to $51 million. This work is being done for public safety which is critical to the east side of the Las Vegas valley.