You want to buy the best clothes washer, and you definitely have many options. How do you know which brand is the best one? You want a reliable and affordable machine. Are you looking for a front-loading washer? People often search for the best prices, but of course cost is just part of the equation.

As far as price and reliability are both concerned, there are stackable washer and dryer combos. Whether you buy your washing machine individually or in a combo model, you want to make sure you check out both durability and reliability according to the reviews. If you saw the statistics, you would notice that there are a certain percentage of washing machines that sell in the first few years after being purchased. You certainly don’t want to end up in that boat. Should you be buying your washing machine online or in person? You can find the best brand and the best machine in either place. Given that you’re making a substantial investment, have you considered an extended warranty? See what customers have to say about the best washing machines on the market in 2018. Then you can make a decision about which one you want to buy.